Prisoners under Pressure in Karaj Central Prison for Revealing News of Executions

HRANA News Agency – Following the execution of 12 prisoner in Karaj Central Prison and leakage of news to media, security forces have raided ward number 5 and after beating and threating prisoners, transferred at least 6 of them to solitary confinements for interrogations. Security forces are looking for the way that information has been leaked.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), 12 prisoners with drug related charges were executed in Karaj Central Prison, at the dawn of August 27th.

HRANA could identity 9 of them, which are: Alireza Madadpoor, Bahman Rezaei, Arman Bahrami, Alireza Asadi, Mohsen Islami, Hossain Bairami (transferred from Ghezelhesar prison), Mehdi Rostami, Amir Sarkhah and Alireza Sarkhah.

Leaking the information about this mass execution to the media, which was along with voice, video and scanned documents, at the time that judiciary and official government authorities remained silence, resulted in raid of security forces to ward number 5, on Saturday August 31.

Security forces were escorted by prison guards. They searched the prisoners’ belonging which was along with intentional damage, and beat and injured some of the prisoners. Besides, at least 6 of these prisoners were transferred to solitary confinements for interrogations. These forces also threatened the death-row prisoners for expediting their executions, if they would not cooperate.

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