Ramadan Ahmed Kamal Returned To The Prison Without Proper Treatment

HRANA News Agency – Ramadan Ahmed Kamal, Syrian Kurdish prisoner who was in coma when he was sent to the hospital because of being beaten by the guards, after recovery was returned to Rajai Shahr prison without getting any treatment.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Ramadan Ahmed Kamal, Kurdish Syrian prisoner in Rajai Shahr prison, who had gone into a coma when he was sent to hospital the because of being beaten by the guards, on Wednesday 30 December, after recovery from the coma in Imam hospital (Hezar Takhtekhabi Hospital) and spending a few days there was returned to Rajai Shahr prison.
Bahman Ahmadi Amoui, a journalist and former cellmate of Mr. Ahmad Kamal, the day after the beating of the imprisoned Kurdish Syrian announced the news and wrote in his personal page on Facebook, that: “He has been uunconscious since yesterday afternoon (Wednesday 30th December) until I am writing these few lines. He has been extremely weak and the doctor, who first treated him in Sasan hospital, said his vital signs are good, but his consciousness level is extremely low.”
Keyvan Samimi Behbehani, political and civil activist, friend and inmate of Mr. Ahmad Kamal, also in an interview with HRANA, in connection with the events leading to that incident, said: “When he came into the ward’s yard, he had a conflict with the officer who was going to take him to the hospital. What happened there could not have been planned, they told us we had to wait several hours before the transfer and we had some conversations with others and guards. These guards generally show some behaviors just because they are young and which are not planned, as; you sit here or stay there, or use the handcuff. However, he told me that, ‘this officer asked me about my charges and I told him that I am Syrian and I am a member of PKK, and so on. Then the officer started swearing PKK and political prisoners, and then I protested and asked him to stop and they started beating me.’”
Keyvan Samimi continued in the interview: “Mr. Ramadan Kamal cannot remember who it was, because all were wearing the same clothes and were young. However, in this fighting, they were punching and kicking and beating him with batons and probably he was beaten on a sensitive part of his body. He also has long been ill and emaciated and weak. Probably he was beaten on a sensitive part of his body and collapsed and cannot remember the rest, such as; when he arrived in Karaj from Tehran, and in front of the hospital and I went to help him to get oxygen machine, none of them”.
Ramadan Ahmed Kamal was arrested in 2008. He was shot with 5 bullets during his arrest, and his right arm was badly damaged.
Lack of serious treatment for this political prisoner caused his muscles atrophied and the wounds get severe infection.
Ramadan Ahmed Kamal, Kurdish Syrian from Kobani, who has been sentenced to 10 years imprisonment on charges of membership in the Kurdistan Workers Party of Turkey, during this period has been held in Mahabad, Qazvin, Tehran’s Evin and Rajai Shahr prisons.

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