Ramazan Ahmad Kamal Beaten By Prison Guards Until He went To Coma

HARANA News Agency – Ramazan Ahmad Kamal, a Syrian Kurd prisoner who was supposed to be sent to the hospital for treatment, after being beaten by the prison guards passed out and went into a coma. This happened on Wednesday and after five days he woke up from the coma in the “Imam Khomeini” hospital.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Bahman Ahmadi Amoui, a journalist and former cellmate of Mr Ramazan Ahmad Kamal, announced his unconsciousness news, wrote on his personal page on Thursday 7th of January: “He is unconscious since yesterday afternoon (Wednesday 6th of January) up to now that I am writing these few lines. He became extremely weak and according to a doctor who first treated him in the Sasan hospital he is well but his level of consciousness is very low.”
Mr. Ahmad Kamal said after being conscious that he was beaten by the constables and prison guards. This was also confirmed by a number of prisoners in Rajaee Shahr Prison.
After being transferred to Sasan hospital unlike the earlier appointment, they refused  him to accept and subsequently was admitted in the “Imam Khomeini”.
Previously, several different cases of violence and beating prisoners in Rajaee Shahr prison in Karaj had been reported.
Ramazan Ahmed Kamal was arrested in 2008. When he was arrested, he was wounded by five bullets and his right arm was badly damaged.
No serious treatment of this political prisoner caused his arm muscles atrophied and the wound is severely infected.
Ramazan Ahmed Kamal, a Syrian Kurd from Kobani, was sentenced to ten years imprisonment on charges of membership in the Kurdistan Workers Party of Turkey. During this time, He has been in Mahabad prison, Qazvin, Tehran’s Evin and Rajai Shahr prison.

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