Ramazan Ahmad Kamal On Hunger Strike Demanding Proper Medical Treatment

HRANA News Agency – Ramazan Ahmad Kamal, Syrian prisoner has announced his hunger strike in protest to the lack of medical treatment in Rajai Shahr prison of Karaj. According to the prisoners, the fingers of this prisoner’s right hand are disabled after an unfinished surgery and returning to prison without treatment.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Ramazan Ahmad Kamal was arrested in 2008 while he was escaping to the borders of Iraq and the Iranian border guards stopped him by shooting several bullets in his belly, left shoulder and thigh.
After 7 years these bullets are still in his body. Due to lack of proper medical treatment the muscle of his hand is severely wreaked and infected.
This prisoner from Kobani was beaten during his transfer to the hospital on December 30 and was returned to the prison without proper treatment.
Keyvan Samimi Behbahani, former political prisoner who had cooperated in the field of sending him to the hospital, has shared the story with HRANA in a phone interview.
Amnesty International also issued a statement in January saying that the Kurdish Syrian prisoner needed surgery. The organization asked for the immediate investigation of the status of the ill prisoners in Rajai Shahr prison.
Ramazan Ahmad Kamal also had gone on hunger strike in protest to lack of medical treatment previously.
Legal advisers of “Human Rights Activists in Iran” believe that the prisoner could take advantage of parole by passing 7 years of his 10-year imprisonment.
Ramazan Ahmad Kamal, was arrested in 2008 along with three other members of PKK who said that they had entered the Iranian territory mistakenly.
The Kurdish prisoner was sentenced to death on charge of membership in the PKK in the revolutionary court of Khoy, but the supreme court reduced the sentence to 10 years in prison.
This prisoner is currently serving his 8th year in hall number 12 of Rajaei Shahr prison.

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