A Report about the Condition of Farshid Fathi, Imprisoned Priest

HRANA News Agency – Prison authorities have not accepted the request of Farshid Fathi, political prisoner, regarding his transfer to hall number 12 of Rajaei Shahr prison.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Farshid Fathi, imprisoned new converted Christian priest, has been transferred to ward number 1 of Rajaei Shahr prison, by the recommendation of the cleric of the ward.

A close source to this prisoner described his situation as “bad” and said, “The cleric of the ward ten did not like him because of his belief, and when Mr. Fathi resisted against the seizure of his religious books, he insulted Mr. Fathi and complained to him, finally, caused his transfer to a worse ward”.

According to this source, the condition was so bad that he requested for transfer to political and prisoners’ ward many times, and even intended to start hunger strike, but because of the insisting of his friends and his physical problems he changed his mind.

According to HRANA, the sudden transfer is one the leverages for the authorities to put pressure on prisoners. It keeps prisoners in turmoil of new environment and disturbs adaptation.

Farshid Fathi was arrested by intelligenc service forces, on December 26, 2010, and transferred to ward 2-A (controlled by intelligent service). He served one year of his detention in this ward and spent almost 5 months in solitary confinement.

This prisoner of conscientious who is born in 1979 and has two children, has been charged with, “being the foreign organization’s senior organizer and finance officer” and sentenced to 6 years in prison in branch number 15 of the revolutionary court by chief judge Salavati. This sentence was confirmed in appeal court.

This Christian priest stated in a letter of protest that he was under physical and mental tortures and insults. “I was told that my wife is arrested too, and I need to assign a temporary custody for my children, Rosana and Bardia. Or, I was told that my father had is hospitalized, and they did not give me any information about his status, even weather or not he is alive, while my father did not have any heart attack at all”.

Farshid Fathi was transferred from Evin to Rajaei Shahr prison by the order from prisoners’ organization and revolutionary court, on August 19, 2014. After his transfer, a new case was opened regarding making alcoholic beverages in prison and officials claimed that it was found during the investigation from ward number 350, which is known as the Black Thursday. As a result one more year in prison was added to his sentences, on Monday December 29, 2014.

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