Report of repressions on Baha’is in February- March of 2013

HRANA News Agency – In continuation of repressions on Baha’is the statistic section of Human Rights Activists group in Iran published a report which covers  Baha’is rights abusing in February-March of 2013.

The following is the entire report:

February 20 _ Sama ra’ufi the Baha’i citizen who is from Sanandaj was arrested while he was leaving home by Etela’at agents and transferred to Sanandaj Etela’at.

February 23 _ Paniz Fazl Ali the Baha’i student of 6th semester in Engineering faculty of science and industry university was fired because of being Baha’i.

March 2 _ Kamran Rahimian and Foad Khanjani were not transferred from Rajaie Shahr prison to Evin prison an  banned to visit their families due to disobeying to wearing prison uniform.

– Adnan Rahmatpanah’s trial was held in accusation to propaganda against regime. Adnan is one of Baha’is of Shiraz and he is in detention since late November of 2012.

March 5 _ Four Baha’i high school students whose names are Sina fanaiyan, Armin Allahverdi, Ramin Amiri and Younes Khanjani were arrested at school and transferred to Semnan Etela’at and were released after few hours of interrogation.

– During past 15 days the works places and homes of Baha’is of Shiraz were inspected.

– Security agents were invaded Golrokh Firouzian’s home in Semnan to arrest her but they were not succeeded because she resides in Tehran since few months ago.

March 11 _ Golrokh Firouzian was introduced to Semnan revolutionary court and was arrested by the the verdict issued by prosecutor and transferred to Semnan Etela’at.

– Two Baha’i sisters from Mashhad whose names are Nika Kholousi and Nava Kholousi were trialed after five months of temporal detention. They were arrested on September 26th of 2012.

March 12 _ Ten Baha’i citizens from Tehran related to private Baha’is scientific center whose names are Azita Rafi’zadeh, Peiman Koushkbaghi, Nazanin Nikouseresht, Nasim Bagheri, Tolou’ Golkar, Ahmad Golzar, Abbas Ta’ef, Hassan Momtaz , Negin Ghadamian and Ahmad Beheshti were summoned to Tehran court. Two of them released after singing written undertaking and eight of them were informed the charges to them and released by providing bail.

March 13 _ Navid Khanjani was beaten very badly by prison agents because of disobeying to wear prison uniform before transferring to revolutionary court.

March 18 _ Two Baha’i citizen from Gorgan whose names are Mona Amri and Roufia Pakzadan were arrested and some of their personal belongings were confiscated during home inspection.

March 19 _ No furlough issued for Baha’i prisoners in Iran for Newrooz holidays.

– Sama’ Ra’ufi were released after 27 days detention in Sanandaj Etela’at.

– Shidrokh Firouzian who was arrested on February 12th of 2013 were released after her sister Golrokh Firouzian gave up.

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