Report of the violation of Baha’is rights in December and January

HRANA News Agency – During the continously repressions on the religious minority, Bahai’s, Static department of Human Rights Activists of Iran’s publications, published a report about abusing Baha’is rights in the December and January.
Following is the entire report:

December 22nd: Pouya Tebyanian, the Baha’i citizen from Semnan summoned and attendance in revolutionary court, has been transferred to Semnan prison for enforcement of six years and half imprisonment.
– Kourosh Ziari, Baha’i citizen from Gonbad Kavous who was been arrested on November 20 with 6 more Bahai’s from Gorgan -Siamak Sadri, Foad Fahandezh, Peyam Markazi, Farahmand Sanaie, Farhad Fahandezh and Kamal Kashani- transferred to Rajaie Shahr prison in Karaj on November 22nd.
December 26th: Barman Ehsani, six months old infant who was imprisoned with his mother in Semnan prison, transferred to Fatemiyeh hospital because of lung infection in Sangsar.
– Faramarz Firouzian Bahai’e citizen from Semnan, sentenced to one year imprisonment on charge of propaganda against regime by supreme court.
December 23rd: Three Baha’i citizen from Zahedan with the following names: Moshtaq Anvari, Sedigheh Shokati and Farshid Dadvar arrested after searching their homes and confiscating their religious books, personal stuff and by the security agents.
December 27th: Akbar Poor Hossaini, Baha’i from Semnan, sentenced to pay a 360 million Tomans fine and belongings of his shop confiscated.
December 29th: Behnam Momtazi, from Qazvin, after spending 18 days imprisonment in Qazvin prison, has been released by bail.
December 31st: Resam Tebyanian, 10 months old infant who imprisoned in Semnan prison with his mother, Zohre Nik Aien, because of ear infection and high fever transferred to Amir Al-Mo’menin hospital of Semnan. This happened while his mother could only visit him twice and for a very short visit.
January 1st: Misagh Emam Verdi, Baha’i Student of industrial Khaje Nasreddin Tousi university in Tehran, has been fired from university because of his faith.
– Shakiba Vahdat summoned to Etela’at of Babolsar and released after tw days of detention.
January 2nd: Zohre Nik Aien, Resam Tebyanian’s mother came to 5 days furlough to be with her baby.
January 5th: Mohammad Hossain Nakh’i 85 years old Baha’i who is imprisoned in Birjand prison since 8 months ago, been banned to have visitors and not allowed to have phone calls without any justifications from the prison officials. Mohammad Hossain Nakh’i sentenced to three years imprisonment by Birjand revolutionary court.
– Milad Samimi Darzi, student in Architecture faculty of Babol Tabari university, fired from university after 5 semesters because of his faith.
– Shokoufeh Derakhshanian, student in Architecture faculty of Babol Tabari university, fired from university after 7 semesters because of his faith.
January 7th: Zohre Nik Aien and her infant -Resam Tebyanian- back to prison because of furlough extension refusal by Semnan court. This happened while the doctor prescribed 20 days rest at home for Resam.
January 8th: Security agents invaded to the homes of 13 Baha’is from Qorveh and searched their homes, confiscated their religious books, worships, religious photos, some personal stuff and then left their homes.
Followings are the names: Khalil Eghdamian, Kambiz Eghdamian, Sa’ied Mansouri, Behnam Eghdamian, Mehrdad Zareie, Teyeb Salehi, Faez Salehi, Mehdi Laghaie, Ataollah Kosari, Ziaollah Kosari, Kiomars Osafi, Kourosh Osafi and Sa’ied Khadem
January 11th: Shakiba Vahdat, after spending one week detention last time, again has been arrested by Etela’at of Tabriz.
January 12th: Anissa Fanaiyan summoned to be in Semnan prison for enforcement of her 22 months imprisonment verdict on January 19th.
– Adel Nai’emi, Baha’i citizen from Tehran has transferred to public 305 ward of Evin prison after being 6 months imprisonments in cells of 209 ward. This is while he has diabetes.
January 13th: Shahin Negari, Baha’i from Tehran and professor in Baha’i virtual university arrested around midday and transferred to prison  to enforce his 4 years imprisonment verdict.
– No news about Ramin Shahyari who is from Eslamshahr, after3 months detention.
January 16th: Dr. Foad Moghaddam, Bahai’e citizen from Esfahan and professor in Baha’i virtual university introduced himself to Evin prison after he has been summoned for enforcement of his 5 years imprisonment verdict.
January 17th: Sina Aghdasi, Baha’i citizen from Tabriz has been released after 45 days detention by bail.
January 19th: Anissa Fanaiyan (Eyghani) introduced herself to Semnan prison for enforcement of her 22 months imprisonment verdict.
– Seven Baha’i citizens from Qazvin summoned by Etela’at and after interrogation been released. Their names are: Monireh Shah Mohammadi, Vahid Foroughi, Vesal Momtazi, Navid Mollaie, Mehrzad Zahraie, Masoud Bahrami and Masoud Bahagholi
– A few days ago six Baha’i prisoners transferred to a 9 square meters cell from men ward of Semnan prison and pressured for televised confession. Also they have banned to have phone calls with their families. Their names are: Adel Fanaiyan, Siamak Eyghani, Behfar Khanjani, Afshin Eyghani, Erfan Ehsani, Goudarz Beydaghi
Translated by: Ramyar Hassani

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