A Report on the Situation of Misagh Yazdan Nejad in Rajai Shahr Prison

HRANA News Agency – Misagh Yazdan Nejad is spending his 8th year of imprisonment, while in all these years he has been deprived of having furlough and he has to wait for three years exile in Semnan, too.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Misagh Yazdan Nejad, was arrested by the Intelligence Ministry, in 2007 and in all these years has been deprived of having furlough.
According to HRANA’s report, quoting the family of this political prisoner, Misagh Yazdan Nejad, born in 1986, has been sentenced to 10 years imprisonment by Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court and by Judge Salvati.
The report says; this political prisoner in addition to this sentence had been tried by the Shahre Rey court on similar charges and ultimately was sentenced to three years exile in Semnan, too.
His family, in connection with the provisions of this political prisoner, told HRANA’s reporter: “He had a ten-year sentence from Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court, issued by Salvati, eight years ago. Then, the court in Shahre Rey sentenced him to exile, which was 5 years and then changed to 4 years and finally, 3 year exile to the city of Semnan. The exile was only in the city of Semnan, not in prison, but later it was converted into 3 years exile in Semnan prison, by Branch 36 of the Appeal Court.”
According to HRANA and his family, and his case condition, Misagh Yazdan Nejad who was arrested when he was 21, is facing a total sentence of 13 years 8 years of which has been served already.
In response to the question of whether or not they have done anything for his conditional release, his family said: “As his sentence of exile in Semnan city has been changed into exile in prison, certainly there is no expectance of accepting his conditional release.”
Misagh Yazdan Nejad, student of translation at the University of Payam Noor, was arrested by the Ministry of Intelligence agents on 10th September 2007, and was sentenced to 13 years imprisonment for participating in the 19th anniversary of the massacre of political prisoners in 1988, by the judge of Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court in Tehran and also the Revolutionary Court in Shahre Rey and after his sentence was converted by Branch 36 of the Appeal Court. He is serving the eighth year of his imprisonment in Rajai Shahr prison.

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