Reza Sharifi Bukani transferred to an unknown location

HRANA News Agency – The intelligence officers called prisoner of Karaj-Rajaie Shahr prison Reza Sharifi Bukani today at 9:30 in the morning and transferred him to an unknown location.

According to the Iranian Human Rights Activists Agency reporters, Reza Sharifi Bukani prisoners incarcerated in Rajaie Shahr prison was transferred today by security and intelligence forces from Karaj-Rajaie Shahr prison to an undisclosed location, there is no farther news about him as of the time of reporting this news.

Reza Sharifi Bukani was under several physical and psychological torture during the time of his detention, and despite the completion of his interrogation he has been under intense pressure for TV confession.

Must mention that Tehran prosecutor opposed any bail for him and kept him in detention, beside the judiciary system provided no clear answer on this vague point of having this prisoner tried on two separate cases at the same time.

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