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Riot Police Attacked the 2nd Day of Peaceful Assembly of Mohammad Ali Taheri’s Supporters

Posted on: 5th November, 2016
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Mohammad Ali Taheri

HRANA News Agency – Units of riot police in Tehran attacked the second day of peaceful assembly of Mohammad Ali Taheri’s supporters outside the Baqiatullah Hospital in Tehran and beat them and used tear gas and possibly detained a number of participants, attempting to disperse the demonstrators.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), the family, students and supporters of Mohammad Ali Taheri had a peaceful gathering and wanted to meet with him, following unconfirmed news indicating that “Mr. Taheri has gone to coma because of his hunger strike and is admitted at Baqiyatallah Hospital in Vanak”.

The rally continued for the second day, and Tehran riot police units stormed the people as well as the presence of plainclothes agents, with tear gas and beat them by baton, and the gathering was suppressed.

Due to pepper gas inhalation, a number of women and children who were present at the rally, were poisoned and suffered from nausea.

It is worth noting, Amnesty International has released a statement announcing the lack of information about the fate and whereabouts of Mohammad Ali Taheri, the founder of Erfan-e-Halgheh, who is on hunger strike and urged the Iranian government to inform about his situation and whereabouts, and release this prisoner of conscience immediately and unconditionally.

Mohammad Ali Taheri, founder of the “Erfan-e-Halgheh” was arrested on March 4, 2011, and was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment, 74 lashes and fined 9000 million IRR, by the Revolutionary Court on charges of “blasphemy”, “unlawful intervention in the affairs of health and medical treatments”, “committing the unlawful act and adultery”, “unauthorized use of academic titles like doctor and engineer” and “subversive books and works”.

Corruption on earth through distracting people was the other charge against Taheri.

Mr. Taheri’s sentence of his first case has ended but, by forming a new case against him and holdover of his detention order, he has been deprived of being released.