Mohammad Ali Taheri’s Lawyer ‘Looking Forward to His Freedom.’

HRANA News Agency – Mahmoud Alizadeh Tabatabai, one of the lawyers of Mohammad Ali Taheri, announced that following the announcement on “Prosecution Discontinuance” for his client, he is going to follow Mr. Taheri’s freedom’s process. The lawyer has implicitly confirmed his client’s hunger strike that Mr. Taheri called it “Fasting”.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Alizadeh Tabatabai, referring implicitly to his client’s hunger strike said: “(Some days ago) we went to meet him and he was fine. I told him emphatically that the hunger strike would not answer and he said, ‘you suppose I am fasting.’ I did not take hunger strike seriously. His case is going to be solved.”
This lawyer, in relation to the case of Mohammad Ali Taheri explained: “The Prosecution Discontinuance is issued and we are looking forward to his freedom, he has been acquitted of the charges of gathering and collusion, apostasy and insulting the prophet, and it has been finalized.”
Mohammad Ali Taheri, founder of the “Erfan-e-Halgheh” was arrested on March 4, 2011, and was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment, 74 lashes and fined 9000 million IRR, by the Revolutionary Court on charges of “blasphemy”, “unlawful intervention in the affairs of health and medical treatments”, “committing the unlawful act and adultery”, “unauthorized use of academic titles like doctor and engineer” and “subversive books and works”.
Corruption on earth through distracting people was the other charge against Taheri.
Mr. Taheri’s sentence of his first case has ended but, by forming a new case against him and holdover of his detention order, he has been deprived of being released.

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