Roien Otoofat visited his family after 3 months

HRANA News Agency – Roien Otoofat the Melli-Mazhabi prisoner visited his family after three months.
According to a report of Melli-Mazhabi website, the family of this Melli-Mazhabi prisoner was able to visit him behind the windows of visitation cabin after three months of detention.
Otoofat had a good spirit and still under the interrogation sessions about the meetings were held at his home.
Earl this year the interrogators told Roien that bail warrant issued for him and he will be released soon but his family was not informed at all. His family and relatives realized that either this news was totally faked and used as interrogating skills or maybe despite of the judicial warrant the interrogators prevented prevented him to be released.
The officials related to Roien’s dossier have not declared any schedule about his releasing and the family of this cultural activist with nationalistic-religious trend is in uncertainty.

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