Said Naimi is sent to Tabriz prison

HRANA News Agency – Saeid Naimi, is sent to Tabriz prison to serve his 1 year prison sentence, on charge of gathering and collusion against the regime.
According to Advar News website, this senior member of consolidation of students’ unity organization, has been arrested after the assault of intelligence and security service forces, and inspection of his house and workplace, on September 19, 2011.
He spent three months in solitary confinement in Karaj prison and after that, for unknown reason transferred to Tabriz prison. In total he spent 8 months in solidary confinement.
On October 26 2011, on primary court, the judge Yousefi had announced his accusation as cooperation with contradictory governments, spying, and collusion and illegal gathering against Islamic government.
After giving a pledge and releasing of Saeid Naimi, court of appeal, announced spying and cooperation with contradictory governments, accusation are irrelevant, but sentenced Naimi to one year in jail.
The policy council member of consolidation of unity organization, transferred to Tabriz prison to compel his sentence, Yesterday, Tuesday September 24, 2013.

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