Security Agents Enter and Search Homes of Two Baha’i Citizens of Qaimshahr

May 17, 2010

HRANA – At 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 11, 2010, seven security agents entered and searched the home of Mr. Parviz Oladi in the city of Qaimshahr in the province of Mazandaran.

They took a computer, Baha’i books, pamphlets, CDs, Cassettes and pictures. They also took personal documents like cell phone bills and wills.The agents constantly insulted the family members and complained about having to enter an unclean house.After searching the house for an hour they asked Ms. Shahnaz Ranjbar , the wife of Mr. Parviz Oladi, to go to the Information Bureau on Wednesday May 12 for further investigation. This was later changed to May 15. The search warrant indicated that Ms. Ranjbar was an active member of the “misledBaha’i sect” and a member of “Today’s Mothers Organization”. Today’s Mothers Organization is a registered non-profit concern that is focused on improving family relations, needs of children and junior youths and collaborates with PTAs on these issues.

At the same time security agents also entered and searched the home of Mr. Changiz Oladi in Qaimshahr. They confiscated Baha’i books and pamphlets and asked Mr. Oladi to go to the Information Bureau on May 15. The agents destroyed Baha’i pictures and took Mr. Oladi’s personal accounting notebook.The search warrant indicated that the reason for the warrant was that Mr. Oladi had built a big house to hold Baha’i meetings.The agents told Mr. Oladi that five people had made complaints against him.

The security agents sent Ms. Shahnaz Ranjbar and Mr.Changiz Oladi back home when they reported to the Information Bureau on May 15.

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