Security and Intelligence Forces Exerting Pressure on Tabriz Grand Bazaar Shopkeepers

HRANA- Security forces are exerting pressure on bazaar business owners and shopkeepers to end their strike.
Security and intelligence forces in the city of Tabriz began contacting bazaar shopkeepers in an effort to prevent the strike from spreading throughout the Grand Bazaar of Tabriz.

According to Daneshjoo News, over the last three days as the entire bazaar remained
on strike, security and intelligence forces have begun a campaign of intimidation.
It is worthy to note that over the past several days plain clothed agents have gone to the homes of several trade guild leaders threatening of consequences if they continue their strike.
After the start of strikes in Bazaar Tehran, Bazaar Tabriz joined the strike in solidarity with Tehran and to protest the widespread arrest of activists in the province of Azarbijan.


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