Security Atmosphere in Tehran Bazaar as Strike Spreads to Tabriz Bazaar

HRANA- Reports describe an atmosphere of high security in Tehran’s Bazaar today as the strike spread to Tabriz’s Grand Bazaar.

In Tabriz, Bazaar Amir, the Jewelry Bazaar, Amir Kabir Bazaar, and Bazaar Noor are all on strike. Although the strike started in the preceding days within only certain sectors of the Bazaar it has now spread to include almost every store and business. The strike in Tehran’s Bazaar continues under a heavy security atmosphere. Additionally, there are unconfirmed reports that strikes have begun in Isfahan’s Bazaar.

Disagreements with the government and strikes by the bazaar are not unprecedented; however, the events of the last year and the rising tide of opposition have experts watching developments closely. They believe that problems rooted in the economy have the capacity to bring about political change.

Given the government’s retreat and the continuation and spread of strikes throughout Iran’s bazaars, it can be said that the strikes which began due to economic considerations have now taken on a political dimension as well.

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