Several Civilians Arrested in Ahvaz

HRANA News Agency – Local sources have reported that several Koozestani citizens have been detained during the last couple of days in Ahvaz and Hamidieh.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), the names of some of them are as follows: Hatam Abiat, Moslem Khosraji, Ahmad Marmazi, Salem Atshaei, Hadi Marvani, Malek Shakhi, Mahmood Savari, Basem Batrani, Mostafa Heidari, Riaz Fars.
Also, according to the received information, security forces have attended the work place of a poet in Ghaleh Kana’n, in Ahvaz, Ahmad Sobhani Hazbavy, arrested him and took him to an unknown location.
There is still no exact information about the allegations and location of detainees, also if these detentions are in connection with the recent revolts in the Arab speakers region.

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