Seyed Ahmadreza Ahmadipour, Political Prisoner, Transferred to Hospital

HRANA News Agency – Political Prisoner Seyed Ahmadreza Ahmadipour, due to deteriorating health condition was transferred to Beheshti Hospital in Qom.
According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Seyyed Ahmad Reza Ahmadpour who was allowed for medical leave several days ago, after 18 days of hunger strike in prison for his condition. He was in his home and afte a heart problem was transferred to Beheshti Hospital, last night.

Ahmadpour, arrested after the June 2009 presidential elections, was sentenced to a year in prison for anti-regime publications and writing a poem (about Neda Agha Soltan who was murdered by an Iranian security forces sniper’s bullet), after which he was arrested again on charges of sending a letter to the United Nations about illegal charges against him and about the injustice of the courts, and sentenced to three years in prison and ten years exile from his home city.
Ahmadipour is one of the first members of Participation Front member in Qum – Khatami campaign worker in 1997 – blog: Pezhvak-e- Khamoosh – war veteran – defrocked for life 06 Apr 2010: Tried and convicted by a special clerical court in Qum to 1 year 18 Apr 2010: Begins serving sentence in Langrooud prison 10 Jul 2010: Begins hunger strike 25 Jul 2010: Changes to dry hunger strike 01 Sept 2010: Banned from prison leave for an article dated 02 Aug he denies having written Beg 2011: Freed at the end of his sentence 20 Jul 2011: Arrested in Qom 08 Aug 2011: Contacted his family, he is in Qom prison 27 Sep 2011: Sentenced to 3yrs prison plus 10 years in exile. 31 Oct 2011: Sentence upheld by appeal court. 27 Nov 2011: Begins serving his sentence in Ahvaz  29 Nov 2011: Told verbally that his sentence is increased to 5 years. Source:  13 Mar 2012: Begins hunger strike to protest conditions in Iranian prisons  23 Mar 2012: Reported banned from visits and phone calls 17 May 2012: Stops hunger strike after being granted furlough 17 Aug 2012: Reported released on furlough for 2 weeks

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