Seyed Jamal Hosseini’s funeral held in Nevshehir city in Turkey

HRANA News Agency – The funeral of Seyed Jamal Hosseini, one of the founders and the editor of HRANA was held in Nevshehir city in Turkey.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), the funeral began at 9 o’clock at Gul bagcha Park in Nevshehir and continued at the main graveyard of the city. He was buried temporarily in Turkey and the participants placed flowers on his grave.

After the burial, the participants gathered at the Dedeman hotel’s lobby in Nevshehir. Mr. Sam Mahmudi Sarabi, journalist, was the moderator and Mr. Behrouz Javid Tehrani, one of Seyed Jamal Hosseini’s colleagues was the first speaker of this gathering.

He gave a biography of Seyed Jamal Hosseini and said: “… Jamal was not a follower. He was actually a leader who started many activities for the first time in the history of Iranian Human Rights Organizations. He had forgotten his personal life and was fully dedicated to his cause…”

One of Seyed Jamal Hosseini’s sisters was the last speaker. She read the massage of Seyed Jamal’s family and thanked all the participants. She said: “We thought we would bury our brother in lonliness but your presence showed that he is not lonely.”

Then Mr. Mahmudi Sarabi spoke about some memories he had while working with Mr. Hosseini. Afterwards a massage from Mr. Faraz Sanei, Iran researcher with Human Rights Watch’s Middle East and North Africa division was read for the audience. The massage contained some memories about Mr. Hosseini and paying tribute to his character. After the massage, Mr. Sadegh Azmand played some music pieces with Tar.

Ali Ajami, student activist and former political prisoners spoke about his memories of Mr. Hosseini, spesifically the first contact he had with Mr. Hosseini when he was in prison. Then Mostafa Rahmani spoke about Mr. Hosseini’s character. He described Mr. Hosseini as a symbol of commitment and morality.

In the end, Behrouz Javid Tehrani read the statement of the secretariat of the Human Rights Activists in Iran about Seyed Jamal Hosseini’s suspicious death. During the funeral the participants read poems and told their memories. Also the massages of some organizations were read. A video clip about Mr. Hosseini’s life was shown as well.

The funeral finished at 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

Pictorial report of this ceremony is in the following and further complementary reports will be published soon.

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