Shahin Negari, Baha’i virtual university professor arrested

HRANA News Agency –  Shahin Negari, a Baha’i citizen and one of the Baha’i virtual university professors has been arrested and there is no news of the location.

According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), around midday of Sunday 13th of January, Shahin Negari, Baha’i citizen who is resident of Tehran and one of the professors at Baha’i virtual university, has been arrested at his home by security forces in excuse of transferring him for enforcement of 4 years imprisonment verdict.

Also, there is no information about where Shahin Negari is.

He is one of the Baha’i virtual university professors which called private science center institute who had been arrested during the invasion of the security forces to the homes of the Baha’i colleagues of the Baha’i virtual university on May 22nd of 2011 and been released after 40 days of being detained on bail.

Translated by: Ramyar Hassani


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