Shahram Ahmadi At The Imminent Risk Of Execution

HRANA News Agency – The death sentence for Shahram Ahmadi, Sunni prisoner in Rajai Shahr prison, once again has been confirmed by the Supreme Court and the decision has been sent to the executive authorities.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), the death penalty for Shahram Ahmadi, Sunni prisoner in Rajai Shahr prison, which had been broken by the Supreme Court, was issued again by Branch 28 of Tehran’s Revolutionary Court, and this time was upheld by the Supreme Court and the Law-enforcement office has been notified.

According to this report and considering that this decision has been referred to law enforcement office, with the permission of the head of the judiciary, this Sunni prisoner of conscience may be executed anytime.

Earlier, there were some news released regarding this prisoner of conscience hearing loss due to medical condition and the lack of adequate medical care in prison.

Shahram Ahmadi was shot and arrested by the security forces in May 2009 and was headed to the hospital.

Ahmadi underwent the surgery in a hospital and while he was unconscious, lost one kidney and part of his intestine.

This political prisoner, after 43 months detention and interrogation in the solitary confinement of intelligence office in Sanandaj, in October 2012, was tried in the Branch 12 of the Revolutionary Court, presided by judge Moghiseh, in a short trial and in the presence of a public lawyer, was sentenced to death on charge of combat.

The same year that Shahram Ahmadi was arrested, his younger brother Bahram Ahmadi was arrested in Sanandaj, too. His brother, who was less than 18 years old, at the time of arrest, was executed with 5 other Sunni prisoners on 27th December 2011 in Ghezelhesar prison, in Karaj.

Shahram Ahmadi’s sentence was sent to the Supreme Court in August 2014, and then by the Supreme Court was broken and referred to the Branch of issuing the verdict. But, judge Moghiseh issued the death sentence again and this time the Supreme Court confirmed the verdict.

Shahram Ahmadi is imprisoned in Rajai Shahr prison and in exile, and in all the years of being imprisoned, he has been limited to communicate with his family.

Shahram Ahmadi is currently suffering from intestinal disease and kidney infection.

The security and judicial institutions accused Shahram Ahmadi of Salafism and connection with extremist armed groups, however, he wrote several letters from prison and called these accusations “false” and said that his only crime was proselytizing.

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