Shirazi Citizen Convicted Under Retribution Law


HRANA News Agency – The second branch of Fars Province Criminal Court has sentenced a man named Ardalan to death for the murder of a woman called Mahboubeh.

According to a report by Iranian state newspaper [owned by IRNA], Ardalan was charged with killing his sister-in-law and confessed to his crime during the trial.

In the same article, Ardalan has been quoted to say, “I worked in my brother-in-law’s firm, but because of financial problems, I had to steal from the company.  I was fired when they found out about it.  My life was ruined as a result.  While I was embarrassed in front of my wife and children, my brother-in-law and his family lived in luxury. So I decide to take revenge from him.  On the day of the incident, I managed to find an ax and went to his house.  When I arrived, Mahboubeh greeted me warmly.  However, when I had the opportunity, I took the ax which was hidden in my clothes and hit Mahboubeh a few times over her head.  Watching this scene, her two children were terrified and crying.  While I was confused and didn’t know what to do, I approached them and hit them with a few blows too.  Afterwards, assuming that they are all dead, I took my sister-in-law’s bracelets and escaped.”

It has been reported that the next of kin has also requested retribution.



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