Shirin Alam-Houli’s Home in Maku Under Severe Control and Pressure by Security Forces


May 14, 2010

HRANA – Since yesterday, security forces in Maku have taken control over Shirin Alam-Houli’s home by stationing on the hill facing the house as well as on the street where the house is located and raiding the home for inspection every few hours. 

The security forces attacked Shirin’s house and forcefully removed the mourners inside. They have since shut the home’s doors and refuse to allow mourners to enter. The only persons allowed inside the house are Shirin’s parents. In addition, the security forces have taken down the license plate numbers of mourners stopping by to express their sympathy to the family.

According to Change for Equality, over the past few days Shirin’s mother, sister, uncle, cousins, and grandfather have been arrested and released on bail. Intelligence forces have warned Shirin’s grandfather that he must take Shirin’s mother out of the house and prevent her from mourning the death of her daughter. They have also told the family that no lights maybe turned on in the home at nights. Despite all the pressures, many people have been visiting Shirin’s house during the past few days.

Shirin Alam-Houli was executed in the early morning hours of May 9, 2010, along with Farzad Kamangar, Ali Heydarian, Farhad Vakili and Mehdi Eslamian. The executions occurred without any notice to their families or lawyers or to the political prisoners themselves, even though the cases of three of them, including Shirin, were still pending before the Supreme Court.


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