Shiva Nazar Ahari returned to prison

HRANA News Agency – Shiva Nazar Ahari, the human rights activist, returned to the Evin prison by the end of her vacations.
According to a report by the Committee of Human rights reporters in Iran, he went back to the prison in the evening of April 13, 2013. Some sources which are close to the security forces had told she has left Iran, before.
Shiva Nazar Ahari, came to vacations after 184 of prison on March 13, 2013.
She has been sentenced to 4 years of prison and 74 lashes charged with “Enmity against the God, Propaganda against the government and Illegal gathering to disturb the national security.”
She went to the Evin prison on September 8, 2012 to serve her sentence.

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