Statistical Report of Violation of Human Rights for the month of September

HRANA – Due to difficult circumstances of news  gathering, in spite of all out efforts  by  statistics unit ,  human rights activists in Iran,  this report is not at all a detailed  one , rather it is just a minimal narration regarding the violation of  human rights in Iran  in  September of  2010.  It is worth mentioning that,  it  is likely that  the time of occurrence of some of the events  of the following statistics may be related to the past,  and that just the date of its issue is related to the surrounding time of the above –mentioned  time span.
In September of current year a minimum of 1952 cases of violations of human rights have occurred and have been recorded by the human right activists in Iran.

During last  month,  we  have  witnessed   more  than 686  cases of violations of workers’  rights,  69  cases of students  rights,  291  cases of political  and  civil activist’s  rights  in  the area of speech and thoughts,  24 cases of sentencing  and up-holding  of executions,  329  cases  of tortures  and  violation of political prisoners’  rights in jails  and a  minimum  of 391 cases of citizens’ arrests  by  security forces,  41  cases  of arrests  and violation of ethnic minorities rights,  56  cases of arrests  and violation of religious   minorities rights.


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