Student Activist Behzad Bagheri Arrested

HRANA – Student activist Behzad Bagheri was arrested on Saturday, June 5th, in Shahin-Shahr city in Isfahan.

According to the Committee of Human Rights Reporters, despite their best efforts, Mr. Bagheri’s mother and other family members have not yet been able to obtain any information about the reasons for this young activist’s arrest or the location of his detention.

Behzad Bagheri is a student at Tehran University and has worked with student publications “Khak” and “Tolou”. He had previously been detained in 2007 during the widespread arrests of the members of Students for Freedom and Equality.

Prior to Mr. Bagheri’s arrest, leftist student activist Bahman Khodadadi was arrested in Isfahan on May 8, 2010. Over the past few months a number of other leftist student activists in Isfahan have been summoned and threatened by security forces, including Mr. Ashkan Shariati.


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