Students received heavy punishments by Disciplinary Committee

HRANA News Agency – Mohammad (Koroush) Tavangar and Mohsen Moslehi, two students at Shahr-e-Kord University received heavy punishment from the Disciplinary Committee because they expressed their mind and believes at the “Freedom of thinking seat” summit.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), two students at Shahr-e-Kord University received heavy disciplinary sentences from the Disciplinary Committee of the university after they expressed their idea and believes at “Freedom of thinking seat” Summit.

According to the verdict made by the Disciplinary Committee of the university, Mohammad (Koroush) Tavangar is banned “from education for 2.5 years with consideration of his previous education” and Mohsen Moslehi banned from “access to any welfare facility until graduation”.

A well informed source said: “the students attended a summit called “Freedom of thinking seat” with a look to human rights topic. They made critical direct comments and demanded a correction to be made on several issues as revolutionary students who care for the regime. They emphasised the necessity of executing human rights manifesto, necessity of better execution of Islamic Republic of Iran’s Constitution and criticized previous mistakes made about individuals and groups since 1978.However, after the summit, the Independent Islamic Association, the Islamic Society and Basiji Students Community made a statement with empty and biased allegations with no proof or valid ground. These statements were announced before the call to noon prayer from the university’s rostrum and university authorities showed no reaction to them.”

The source also added: “on the other hand, students who made the critical comments were summoned to the university disciplinary hearing and faced empty and false charges which were unrelated to the topic of the summit or were biased and personal interpretation of an individual. Although they made a strong and documented defence, the disciplinary committee revised the same charges and provided them in a different format which resulted in a disciplinary verdict. The Supreme Leader representative office at the university was supposed to safe guard the information and talks of the “Freedom of thinking seat” However, this office provided the Disciplinary Committee with the video of the summit and proved it is unable to execute the direct advice of the Supreme Leader yet again.”

The source also mentioned: ““Freedom of thinking seat” summit took place while over the last 4 years, pressure have been put on criticizing students at Shahr-e-Kord University on many occasions. Critique students were always subject to false allegations and heavy pressure which had no place at free thinking discussions. However, the new manager who has been appointed by the new government surprised every academic mind with verdict.”

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