Abbas Tavakoli Borazjani’s Death Sentence Upheld

HRANA News Agency – Since Iranian Supreme Court has upheld the verdict to hang Abbas Tavakoli Borazjani, it is possible that he will be executed soon.

Abbas Tavakoli Borazjani is a 38 year old political prisoner locked up in Rajai-Shahr Prison.The decision announced by the Supreme Court was verbally communicated to Abbas Tavakoli Borazjani’s family but has not been given to the prisoner yet.

According to a report by Human Rights Activists for Democracy in Iran, Abbas Tavakoli Borazjani together with his brother, Amir Hussein, was arrested in June 2008 and charged with beating a policeman and carrying a weapon.Abbas is currently behind bars in Rajai-Shahr Prison, Ward 1.Amir Hussein was killed under torture in Tehran’s Shapour Detention Center in July of the same year.

During the last few years, other members of this family have also been arrested.