Four Teacher Union Activists Sentenced to Prison Terms and Additional Penalties

In recent developments, four members of the Teachers’ Trade Association in Bushehr, namely Mohsen Omrani, Mohmood Melaki, Asghar Hajat, and Abdolreza Amanifar, have received sentences totaling four years and eight months, along with additional penalties.

As reported by the Teachers Union Telegram channel, Melaki and Omrani have each been sentenced to two years of imprisonment, with the additional penalty of having some of their assets confiscated, and a three-year ban from engaging in the educational profession. Meanwhile, Hajat and Amanifar have each received four-month prison sentences, coupled with the seizure of certain belongings.

These activists had initially been detained on May 1, 2022, during nationwide protests organized by working and retired teachers. They were subsequently released on bail over the following weeks, pending the conclusion of legal proceedings.

It’s worth noting that Melaki faced another arrest by security forces on December 17, 2022, amidst nationwide protests. Although he was released on bail in late February, he was later permanently dismissed from his service.

These individuals were reportedly convicted on charges related to “actions against national security, disruption of public order and peace, and resisting on-duty officers.”