Four Prisoners of the Evin Prison were Sentenced to Death and Imprisonment

Four prisoners of the Evin prison were informed of their sentences on Sunday, May 19, 219 by the Revolutionary Court of Tehran after spending a year in prison in limbo.

Abodollah Ghasempour was sentenced to death and eight years imprisonment, Mohammad Hossein Ghasempour, Alireza Habibian and Akbar Dalir were sentenced to five years and half in prison, each. Their trial was held earlier this month in Branch 28 of the Revolutionary Court of Tehran led by Judge Moghiseh. Abdollah Ghasempour, 34, was charged with “Baghi” (armed rebellion against Islamic state) for which he was sentenced to death, was also charged with “assembly and collusion” for which was sentenced to 5 years and half in prison and finally was charged to “membership in Mojaheddin Khalgh organization” for which was sentenced to two years and half in prison.

32-year -old Mohammad Hossein Ghasempour (Abdollah’s brother), 30-year-old Alireza Habibian, and 34-year-old Akbar Delir who are all in Ward 4 of the Evin prion were charged with “assembly and collusion” and were sentenced to five and half years in prison.

Initially their charge was “waging war by advocacy, membership, and cooperation with Mojahedin Khalgh Organization” through setting a Basij paramilitary base on fire and distributing its footage to be broadcast on the Mojahedin Khlagh media which was later changed to “acting against national security through propaganda against the state” for the other three prisoner.