Turkman Music Group Concert Cancelled


HRANA News Agency – Turkman Music Group’s concert scheduled to be held on May 27, 2011 in Talar Andisheh Theater has been cancelled for unknown reasons.


Turkman Music Group is led by the master musician and composer Navid Mosamer originally from the city of Maragheh [in East Azerbaijan Province].  The music played by this band is a compilation of melodies whose origins can be traced to northern Khorasan, southern Azerbaijan and eastern Anatolia.  Additionally, Turkman Music Group performs songs of two Iranian ethnic minorities, Qashqai and Qarapapaq.


Turkman Music Group was formed in 2006 and in recent years, has performed a wide range of diverse poems written by poets such as Mohammad Fazoli, Hakim Abulqasam Nabati, Ostad Shahriar and Younis Amare.  This music band also utilizes a large number of old poems passed down orally as songs from one generation to another in Turkish regions.