NAJA Commander: “Plans to Combat Improper Hijab Began”

HRANA News Agency – By pointing out plans to combat improper hijab have begun, Pasdar Ahmadi Moghadam, the Chief Commander of Iranian Police Force, claimed that public demands to deal with non Islamic attire and dress code have increased.


According to a report by Fars News Agency, Ahmadi Moghadam said, “As the warm season begins and traveling increases, improper hijab becomes a bit more prevalent. The police force will deal with these individuals who are a handful of people intending to pollute our social environment.  Along these lines, we began our initiative in Tehran last week to combat non Islamic attire and dress code.


Emphasizing the importance of educating the public, Ahmadi Moghadam added, “The police force isn’t tasked with the responsibility to build or shift the culture.  However, law enforcement can be a good supplement to cultural programs by deterring unlawful behavior.”


In addition, Moral Security Police Chief recently announced the presence of 70,000 law enforcement officers on the streets to implement the state’s moral security plan.