Two cultural activists arrested

HRANA News Agency – Kaihan Azizi and Davoud Ghaffari, two Kurdish cultural-literary activists summoned by Paveh Etela’at and detained.

According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), these two cultural-literary activists arrested on charge of writing announcement in Kurdish one month ago for a Kurdish writer passing away. They were summoned and detained right after a complaint by Molla Ghader Ghaderi the envoy of Iranian supreme leader in Paveh

“The named persons issued a Kurdish announcement in a local funeral which was not included any name of Islam and sacraments. These cultural invasions will weakened Shiite Islam and Imam Khomeini’s goals”, The envoy of Ali Khameneie complaint included.

This cleric made the Etela’at repressions on cultural-political activists easier in Paveh through his speeches, intimidations and threatens in Paveh.

This happens while last week in his sermon this cleric challenged the new families way of naming their kids in Kurdish and not Islamic names and called the new generation of girls and boys with Kurdish names as depraved, strayed and SMS exchangers.

After his insulting, wave of cyber protests started on facebook and the other social networks as people believe the envoy of Ali Khameneie crossed the boundaries and interfered personal affairs.

Cleric’s supporters named the comment makers as foreign agents and west mercenaries and threatened them to remove their comments, but the opponents believe the speeches of this cleric is anti-culture and violations on human and civil rights.