A political prisoner on hunger strike at Uremia Prison

HARANA News Agency- Alireza Rasoli, political prisoner in Uremia central prison (Darya), is suffering from blood disease and it is couple of days that he has gone on hunger strike.
According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Alireza Rasoli, from Mahabad city who has been kept in Uremia central prison (Darya) for political charges, has been attacked by a kind of blood disease and due to lack of medical treatment, has gone to hunger strike from couple of days ago.
One of his close relatives told HRANA’s reporter: “From several months ago, Alireza Rasoli was suffering from chest pain but he was not given any treatment and was not visited by a doctor. Now he has got two active cancer tumours, one in his chest and one in his pelvis and he has gone on hunger strike because of not being treated.”
Alireza Rasoli has been sentenced to three and a half years imprisonment for cooperating with one of the Kurdish political parties whilst his friends and relatives say that he just attended a gathering opposite the Education authority office of Mahabad with some other people in support of burned pupils of Sheen A’bad when he was arrested and was encounter with this accusation.
Alireza Rasoli is now, kept in political prisoners’ ward in Uremia central prison (Darya).