A Prisoner Was Found Dead in a Prison in Mashhad

On September 29, 2019, a prisoner who was diagnosed with Tuberculosis (TB) died in Vakilabad Prison in Mashhad due to the lack of medical treatment and negligence of the prison authorities.

Asghar Samani was serving time for murder in the ward five of Vakilabad Prison. He was found dead in prison’s restroom at 6 am.  According to an informed source, Asghar Samani was diagnosed with TB and prison’s authorities were negligent toward his condition. The source also added that there are at least 600 prisoners in this ward and they were frequently treated with pain killers and psychedelic drugs.

HRANA published a report in February 2019 about the prevalence of TB, lice and bed bugs in Ghezel Hesar Prison after the arrival of new prisoners. They were mostly drug addicts and were transferred to this prison’s general wards without spending some time in the quarantine ward. The prisoners and their families are concerned about the epidemic of contiguous diseases such as TB among the prisoners.