Ayatollah Boroujerdi is not being given medical attention in Evin prison

HRANA – Despite the fact that the vision of  Ayatollah  Kazemaini  Boroujerdi is  in  serious  danger,  the authorities prevent  him  from  being transferred to a hospital.
According to HRANA reports ,  as  a  result  of mistreatment and  having been  kept in  contaminated environment for the past  four  years, Ayatollah Boroujerdi  is  severely suffering  from  illness in  his   right  eye.
According to a physician  from  Evin  prison who examined Boroujerdi  last  week,  he confirmed  due  to  detachment of retina he has  lost 80%  of  his vision .
The  physician warned that the detachment of retina will  not get  cured  by  itself  or  by  medicines  and  that the only effective  solution is through  surgery.   Therefore,  in  accordance  to  ophthalmology,  this  is a   case  of  urgency  and that  he  has  to  be  hospitalized in an equipped  hospital.

The  authorities of special court for  spirituals “Rohaniyat”   have been  denying Boroujerdi from  medical  treatments and even provent his  family  access   to  his  medical  file.
Recently,  the  authorities have  stated to  his  close  relatives  that unless Mr.  Boroujerdi  “does  not  stop  advertising against  the  regime,  his  condition  will  remain unchanged.”