A Death Sentence Issued after Consent of the Complainants

HRANA News Agency – The images below are evidences that show the procedure of issuing an execution sentence for Ehsan Shah Qasemi, who has been charged with murder of a “Nahi e Monkar”, (Vice Preventer), and has been sentenced to death. The images show that the death time was three years after the conflict and the person who had been beaten up, had already signed a formal consent and had received some money as well, as compensation or treatment expenses.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Ehsan Shah Qasemi and his friends had a conflict with a member of “Basij”, called Ali Khalili, in July 2011, after he gave them a warning as a “Vice Preventer” and then in the fighting, Ehsan Shah Qasim knifed Ali Khalili. Continue reading “A Death Sentence Issued after Consent of the Complainants”