Security Forces Arrest Mother and Daughter in Malekan

On May 12, 2024, security forces in Malekan, East Azerbaijan province, arrested Farangis Fathi and her daughter, Akram Kookhian. The arrests occurred at their home, from where they were taken to an undisclosed location.

A source close to the family confirmed to HRANA that the operation involved several agents who forcibly entered the residence, breaking a window and conducting an extensive search. During the raid, their car and various personal items were seized.

Additional reports obtained by HRANA indicate that the security team, consisting of five agents, used pepper spray against Fathi and Kookhian during a confrontation sparked by the latter’s protest. The agents returned a few hours later to conduct a second search of the property.

The reasons for the arrests, the current location of the detained individuals, and any charges filed remain undisclosed at this time.