Environmentalist Farshad Maroufi Vanished

HRANA News Agency – After Iranian Intelligence Agency in the city of Naghadeh summoned Farshad Maroufi several days ago, the environmentalist has vanished, and his whereabouts are unknown.

According to a report by Kurdistan Press Agency (KURDPA), Farshad Maroufi was summoned by the Intelligence Agency a few days ago.Since then, there has been no news of him.During recent demonstrations to protest against Lake Urmia drying up, he was present and active in the city of Naghadeh, West Azerbaijan Province.Farshad Maroufi is a Kurdish citizen and a member of the Society of Environmentalists, Hatva, in the city of Naghadeh.
Despite repeated inquires made by Farshad Maroufi’s family, the officials at the Intelligence Agency in the city of Naghadeh have announced to know nothing about the subject.As a result, his family’s concerns and worries have increased.