Ten personal cars of Sunni prisoners have been confiscated

HRANA News Agency – The cars of 10 Sunni political prisoners of Rajai Shahr prison have been confiscated.


According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), each of these prisoners have received a verdict from the revolutionary court telling them that their cars have been confiscated for the government.


The ten prisoners and their cars are:

Mokhtar Rahimi (Peykan), Mohammad Gharibi (Peykan), Omar Ghader Abdollahi (Peugeot), Foad Ahmad Nouri (Peugeot), Omid Mahmoudi (Peykan), Bahman Rahimi (Jeep), Mohammad Yavar Rahimi (Peugeot), Keykhosro Sharafi Pour (Peykan), Alam Barmashti (Peykan), Teymour Naderzade (Peykan).


Most of these prisoners are from poor Kurdish families.