Explosive Situation at Yazd Prison

HRANA News Agency – The Chief Justice of Yazd Province has said, “Unfortunately, physical conditions in Yazd prison are very poor such that the situation has reached an explosive point.”

According to a report by the Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA), Gholam Hossein Heydari has visited the central prison in Yazd and toured different facilities such as various wards, exercise facilities, cultural centers, hospitals, vocational and training centers and prison cells.As a result, the Chief Justice has been abreast of issues and problems.

Gholam Hossein Heydari stated that the lack of enough physical space and especially overcrowded prison cells is the major problem and added, “The lack of sufficient physical space has reached an explosive point such that currently, there is not adequate resting and sleeping space available for most prisons.”

The Chief of Judicial Council in Yazd Province said that it was necessary to remedy the situation as soon as possible.He also expressed hope that with appropriate funding, the construction of a new prison in Yazd would take place, and by imposing alternative forms of punishment other than imprisonment, the problems could be resolved.