Tragic Suicide Claims Inmate’s Life at Qezel Hesar Prison

On Wednesday, August 30th, a tragic incident unfolded at Qezel Hesar Prison in Karaj as an inmate ended his life through a drug overdose.

HRANA has identified him as Hamed Mohammadi who was imprisoned for drug offenses for three years.

According to a source close to Mohammadi’s family, the incident occurred on Tuesday evening when Mohammadi ingested methamphetamine, ultimately leading to his demise in the prison’s infirmary the following Wednesday morning.

The Department of Statistics of Human Rights Activists in Iran reported a grim tally of violations against prisoners’ rights in 2022. These violations included 133 instances of physical assaults on inmates, 432 cases of denial of medical care, 204 incidents of unlawful transfer to solitary confinement, 102 attempted hunger strikes, 166 cases of coerced transportation or exile, 4,983 threats against prisoners, 46 instances of prisoners being denied visitors, 652 occurrences of psychological and physical torture, 20 prisoner deaths due to illness, two arrestees losing their lives at the hands of prison authorities, and 14 tragic cases of prisoners taking their own lives.

The disturbing statistics reveal a pressing need for reforms and increased scrutiny within the Iranian prison system to ensure the safety and well-being of all inmates.