Ministry of Intelligence opposes to free Mr. Heshamatollah Tabarzadi

HRANA – Following dertermining  the amount of bail to be posted for setting Mr. Heshmatollah Tabarzadi,  the political activist who is being held in  jail by the ministry of intelligence free, while opposing to free him,  the ministry of intelligence barred the  revolutionay court from accepting bail for him.
Accroding to HRANA reporters,  this is while judge Pirabbasi,  head of branch 26 of the revolutionary court who is in charge of prosecuting Mr.  Heshmatoolah Tabarzadi,  had  requested for 200 million tooman (approx.  $200,000.00) bail for his release.   When Mr.  Tabrzadi’s son referred  to the  judge,  the judge  informed him of valedication of bail  and stated  that setting bail  is not in the jurisdiction of the revolutionay court.

It  is more than eight months  that Mr. Heshmatollah Tabarzadi who is in jail and exile in Rajaie Shahr of Karaj, has been  awaiting to be prosecuted.