Political Prisoners in Urmia Prison Still on Hunger Strike After 10 Days

Political prisoners in Urmia Prison are on the tenth day of their hunger strike. Since December 12, about forty-seven political prisoners have been on hunger strike in protest of an order from the prison director that would move them to a new high security ward with insufficient space and poor equipment.

According to HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, the prisoners went on sit-down strike on December 22nd. They protested before the prison guard office and after a few hours, went back to their ward after prison officer promised to address their demands.

In a shared open letter, these prisoners announced that they would continue their hunger strike until order for their relocation to a new ward is revoked.

According to an informed source, the head of the prison had announced that within two next weeks, they will be transferred to a newly built high-security ward. Daily time outside will be reduced to two hours.

In Iran’s prisons, hunger strikes are common among prisoners despite causing long-term physical and mental impairment. Hunger strikes are used as a last resort to achieve urgent demands such as unlawful long-term detention without trials, violations of prisoners’ rights and infringement in due process.