Three Physicians Arrested in Mahabad

The intelligence agents arrested three doctors Jaser Rahmani-Rad (GP), Behnam Ohadi (Psychiatrist) and Homayoun Eftekharian-Nia (Operating Room Technician), in Mahabad, West Azerbaijan Province. They had travelled from Tehran and Khorramabad to Mahabad.

According to HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, three physicians, Jaser Rahmani-Rad, age 34,  Behnam Ohadi, age 49, and Homayoun Eftekharian-Nia, age 23, were arrested in Mahabad.

These individuals travelled to Mahabad on November 30 and were arrested four days later by security agents.

The reason for these arrests is still unknown. Their families’ inquiries have yet remained unanswered by judicial/security officials, raising their concerns over their conditions.