Report on Mass Release of Prisoners in the Past 24 Hours

The large-scale releases of prisoners continued in the past 24 hours, as several prisoners of conscience were released from different prisons across the country. Meanwhile, the case against comedian and parody artist Zeinab Mousavi was closed without further legal proceedings.

Of these freed prisoners, the most known prisoners are:

  1. Political prisoner Akbar Faraji (Farajim) from Evin Prison
  2. Civil rights activist Elvar Gholivand from Evin Prison
  3. Hossein Toyoori, arrested during 2019 protests, from Evin Prison
  4. Mahnaz Tarah from Evin Prison
  5. Dancer and parkour Morteza Ghaderi, a resident of Tehran
  6. Ashkan Omrjooie, a student at the University of Kurdistan, from Urmia
  7. Ahad Barzgar from Rajai Shahr Prison, Karaj
  8. Student Pouya Mazloumi from the Great Tehran Penitentiary
  9. Ramin Pouramin, arrested at recent nationwide protests, from the Great Tehran Penitentiary
  10. Masoud Kurdpour, Mukrian News Agency chief editor, from Bukan Prison

Moreover, the legal case against comedian Zeinab Mousavi, known for her parody character ‘Empress of Kuzcoo’, was announced closed.

Details of these prison releases are still unknown. They are, however, likely released under recent approval to “pardon and commute” the sentence of some prisoners.

Earlier, the head of the Judiciary proposed the issuance of a pardon decree for some prisoners, including those arrested at recent protests, which was approved by Ali Khamenei under some conditions which the legal case should meet.