Report on Conditions of Female Prisoners at Ilam Prison

The women’s ward at Ilam Prison faces numerous challenges, including overcrowding, inadequate facilities, substandard food quality, cohabitation with violent offenders, restricted communication and family visits.

According to a reliable source interviewed by HRANA, the presence of violent crime convicts in the same ward poses difficulties for political prisoners and those detained in connection with the 2022 nationwide protests. Other issues highlighted include limitations on phone calls and family visitations, intrusive surveillance, compulsory participation in religious ceremonies, neglect of prisoners’ concerns, and verbal abuse by male prison guards towards female inmates.

Overcrowding remains a significant problem, forcing many inmates to sleep on the floor. The outdoor area is also notably small. In case of illness, access to the prison infirmary and necessary medication is severely restricted, with prison officials often dismissing requests for medical care as feigned ailments.

A family member of one prisoner expressed concern, stating that prisoners who refuse to participate in religious ceremonies are subjected to harassment and threats, often with the support of religious extremist inmates. Furthermore, the quality of prison food is poor, and the prison store fails to provide essential items, raising concerns about the health conditions of the inmates.