Nearly 600 Villages in South Khorasan Province are not Connected to a Sustained Water Supply Network

Manouchehr Salari, deputy director of Water and Wastewater and Development in the South Khorasan Province, estimated that 145 villages, each with more than 20 households, need a water supply.

According to HRANA, the news agency of Human Rights Activists, Saliri stated that 592 villages in the province are deprived of a connection to the sustained water supply network.

Hossein Emami, CEO of South Khorasan Water and Wastewater Company in Southern Khorasan Province, commented on the non-allocation of 500 billion Tomans (22 million USD) for the project to complete 37 water supply complexes in the province.

“The funding for sustainable water supply for villages with more than 20 households has not been met,” Emani said. “Due to delays in receiving funds we will face delays in the water supply to villages.”