Kamran Asa and Bijan Rezaie will appear before court

HRANA – On  Monday September 5th 2010, Kamran Asa and Bijan Rezaie; the brother and a friend  and relative of Kiyanoosh Asa who  was  killed,  protesting during the  last  June,  will be held On Sunday September 5th in  Branch 8th of  Tehran’s revolutionary court.
According to the HRANA reporters ,  this case is regarding his detention on  December 7th 2009 during which Kamran Asa and  Bijan Rezaie were detained by security forces while entering Elmo Sanat (Science & Industry) university in order to participate in “Student’s Day.”

Before  being released on  bail, Kamran Asa was  held in Evin prison for 2  months.  Once again, close to the anniversary of his  brother’s death,  he was  arrested  in  Kermanshah and  has another pending case there.

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