Kazem Ali Nejad Arrested in Eslamshahr

On November 20, Kazem Ali-Nejad Baraloo was apprehended in Eslamshahr, Tehran Province, by security forces, who subsequently transferred him to an undisclosed location.

According to a source closely connected to his family, at 7:00 am on Monday, a group of nine individuals in plainclothes arrived at Ali-Nejad’s residence. They conducted an extensive search, seized some of his personal belongings, and took him into custody.

The grounds for Ali-Nejad’s arrest, his current whereabouts, and the charges against him remain shrouded in uncertainty at this time.

It is worth noting that Ali-Nejad has a history of previous arrests and convictions related to political charges. The circumstances surrounding his latest detention add to the ongoing concern about the state of human rights and political freedoms in the region. The lack of transparency regarding the nature of the charges further underscores the need for a thorough and fair legal process.